Sunday, September 25, 2016

Who is Starting a Domain in Orem?

Hello all prospective gamers. My name is Brent and I want to be your Storyteller for the new vampire live action roleplaying game in Orem, Utah. What are my qualifications? Well, I'm glad you asked.
I started storytelling Vampire: The Masquerade way back in 1994 with a group of friends. That game was finally put to rest five years later. However, in 1996, I was invited to a live action vampire game in Sacramento, California by one of my good friends. Mitch was his name.
I enjoyed that first night immensely and when a game started in the city I was living in, Modesto, California, I had to go. That was exciting as well and I played, as well as served as assistant storyteller, until 2004, when I moved to Utah. Unfortunately moving and setting up a new residence is quite taxing and live action gaming was put on the back burner. Also, Vampire: Requiem was released and I did not have much interest in playing a new setting after ten years. I fell back to storytelling and game mastering other games, like Hunter: The Reckoning.
Recently it came to my attention that a new Vampire: The Masquerade rulebook was released and it seemed to have fixed a lot of the problems with the previous edition. So, another good friend of mine, Beau is his name, and I went to a few games in the Washington DC area and the excitement was back, or perhaps it never left. I want to bring that excitement to the Salt Lake City and Provo areas.

 If you have any questions or want to join us, please e-mail me at, or comment below. I will happily answer any questions. Thank you.

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