Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Date with Cultists

Court was held at the Riverside Golfcouse clubhouse in Provo. The Prince declared that it was not Elysium. A few notable kindred of the Ivory Tower joined the city, Dr. Butcher of clan Nosferatu, Leon Schmidt of clan Ventrue, and Chantelle of clan Toreador. Passing through was a Vizier named Kasi. Prince Sterling had the pleasure of hosting Baron Riya of Salt Lake City and Amaia. There was also an unaligned kindred who joined the gathering, Mercedes, a young kindred of clan Ventrue.
The Prince called court to order and informed everyone of Masquerade breaches in Tucson and Colorado Springs. While those cities are not extremely close, the attention of hunters may have been turned to their corner of the world, so it is imperative that the Masquerade be strictly enforced at all times. Even the smallest slip up could prove disastrous. Everyone understood and agreed.

Prince Sterling whispering secrets to Seneschal Oliver.
Talk turned to the Anarch situation and the Baron suggested that she and Miles speak privately. The Baron took Amaia with her and Prince Sterling took Seneschal Oliver and Master Harpy William. The group excused themselves and went into a meeting room. Tensions were high, but no one lost control of their beasts.

Monday, October 16, 2017

No Game on Saturday, October 28th.

Due to Halloween, there will be no game on Saturday October 28th.
Happy Halloween everyone.