Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bring Out Your Dead

The night began with the introduction of three new Camarilla vampires. Rainbow introduced her childe, Belfrii and her companion, Sir Teacup. Another Toreador joined the city named Tristan and an Assamite named Sien joined as well. They were all welcomed and acknoledged by Prince Oliver. Some Anarchs came to visit and they were welcomed as well. Introductions were made and everyone seemed to be getting along.

Business was handled quickly and everyone split into various groups to discuss the goings on in the area, specifically the feeling of malaise that had fallen upon the region. The investigating kindred noticed that religious buildings seemed to be less directly affected, but have a stronger feeling around their perimeters. It was also discovered that some bodies had been stolen from their graves and the grave robbers tracked to the same run down neighborhood as the perpetrators who killed a man two weeks ago. Seeing that this was unlikely a coincidence, the Prince ordered the Sheriff to investigate. Meanwhile, Belfrii was attempting to speak to ghosts in a variety of ways and warned Miles that "Winter is coming."

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dark Ambition

The first modern game of the chronicle began with the Salt Lake City Anarchs negotiating their territory with the Prince. The Prince did not request council and negotiated everything himself. The resulting map was whisked away by the Anarchs, before any other court member could view it.
A Camarilla Ventrue arrived in the city, Jaret Byar. He is a well reputed kindred, extremely loyal to the Ivory Tower.
Miles received a call from his Retainer and went upstairs with the Keeper of Elysium, Zane Crockett. They discovered a man's corpse inside the restroom. His neck had been punctured and most of his blood had been drained.
I'm sure someone will miss him.