Wednesday, August 23, 2017


A salon was called by Elder Malthael and held in a nice conference hall. All of the fashionable kindred attended, along with some Anarchs.

Pictured: Mostly fashionable kindred.
Hope, Joe, Caleb, Anastazia, Tony, Shien, Belfrii and Sir Teacup, Miles, Malthael, and Rainbow
On the way to the salon, Belfrii spotted a dog that she thought you make a nice pet and she thought it was the same one from her vision last week. She slowly approached it and tried to collar it. The dog turned into a man with claws and Belfrii swore.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sewer Stompers and Upstarts

The night's Elysium began with the introduction of a few new vampires; Dr. Trent Sparrow of clan Toreador, Malthael elder of clan Toreador, and Matthew Kiene of clan Brujah. All presented themselves properly and were acknowledged.
The witch problem was soon brought up and the kindred had a difficult time coming up with a plan. After much discussion, they decide that Anastazia, Tristan, Dieter, Belfrii and Sir Teacup, and William will go to the sewer entrance and try to find more information about the stolen bodies. Upon entering the stinking sewer, Anastazia noticed some boot prints that were slightly different from the normal workman boots and followed them.
While the group sloshed through the sewers, a lively debate started in Elysium about what the kindred miss most about being human. Many answers were discussed; food, sex, but what a majority of them missed most was being able to be in sunlight. Then a suggestion was made that humanity is overrated and nothing about it should be missed.

Sunlight sucks for real vampires.

Prestige for July

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