Wednesday, August 23, 2017


A salon was called by Elder Malthael and held in a nice conference hall. All of the fashionable kindred attended, along with some Anarchs.

Pictured: Mostly fashionable kindred.
Hope, Joe, Caleb, Anastazia, Tony, Shien, Belfrii and Sir Teacup, Miles, Malthael, and Rainbow
On the way to the salon, Belfrii spotted a dog that she thought you make a nice pet and she thought it was the same one from her vision last week. She slowly approached it and tried to collar it. The dog turned into a man with claws and Belfrii swore.

Belfrii tried to run, but Eric appeared out of nowhere and began attacking her with a spear. She did not last long against the assault and was staked. Eric and the other man dumped her into the back of a car and drove away.
Rainbow began wondering where he childe might be. She was late to the salon. She called her a few times, but was not receiving an answer. She turned to Turk, a neonate who had newly arrived to the city, and told him that he needed to find her. Wishing to impress an elder of his new city, he agreed.
Turk recruited Sien to help him and Rainbow asked William to assist as well. Sheriff Joe went along, as is her job. They left in Turk's rental and proceeded to the last location of Belfrii's cell phone, which William provided.
Turk parked a couple blocks away and he and Shien went to investigate. They spotted Sir Teacup in the gutter and picked him up. They looked around a bit more, but did not find any other clues.
They returned to William, who was waiting in the SUV and showed him Sir Teacup. William noticed tiny droplets of blood on his fur. He tasted it and, using blood sorcery, knew Belfii was in torpor and had no blood currently in her body.
The searched the nearby buildings with no success. William then told them that he could track her and they followed Williams directions to an antique shop. William led them to the rear of the building and down into a basement entrance.

Joe disabled the security camera and the door lock. Upon entering, they found a darkened room filled with benches and candles. On a table in the center was Belfrii, still staked.
They searched the room and found a drug lab in an adjacent room. Joe and Turk took some of the drugs. William and Shien noticed ankh imagery on a few surfaces. William checked out the security camera footage and was disappointed that most of the cultists were wearing hoods the hid their faces. He did see Eric carrying a large amount of blood out of the basement. They picked up Belfrii and returned her to the meeting hall.
Upon their return, Belfrii was brought two young men to feed on, as they unstaked her. She was prevented from killing them. With her childe safely returned, Rainbow decided to divinate the future with Hope. Hope went first, feeding on the drugged man and began seeing images. He told of a handsome staked man being forced to drink the blood of a beautiful red-haired woman. Then Rainbow disemboweled the man and fished through his intestines. She saw a vision of Zane worshiping the red-haired woman and realized that Zane was the man in Hope's vision as well. She left some younger kindred to clean up the mess.
Rainbow told the Prince and court what she had seen and he decided to have Zane brought to him, worried that what Rainbow saw was true. Anastazia called Zane and met him down in Provo, where we was investigating disappearances among the kine. Anastazia brought him in and warned him to be careful.
As Zane came in, he noticed Sheriff Joe move behind him and she was armed. He activated his Majesty and informed the Prince that he was appearing as ordered. The Prince politely questioned him and told him of the visions. Zane proclaimed innocence and ignorance. The Prince suggested that no kindred be left alone in the city, because of the cult. Everyone agreed, some more readily than others. Zane and Anastazia paired up for protection.
Small talk continued for a bit, then William took Zane aside to speak with him. Upon conclusion of their discussion, Zane had lost track of Anastazia and believed she had gone outside. Zane rushed to find her. Upon William's return to the meeting hall, Anastazia noticed that Zane was not with him. William told her that Zane was looking for her. She called Zane and told him where she was.
He did not return, so Anastazia and Joe went to find him. They located his car two blocks away and found his phone had been discarded in a sewer drain. They also noticed a strong smell of bleach in his car. Anastazia started following some fresh tire tracks, but the sun was close to rising. They retreated to their havens, determined to find him the following night.

The next game is September 2nd, at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us.

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