Sunday, September 17, 2017

New Prince, Same Problems

The Primogen Council called a meeting in a hotel penthouse, all of the elegant kindred were in attendance and fashionably dressed. There were also a gaggle of Anarchs. Before the Primogen could officially begin the meeting, Prince Oliver announced that he was calling a blood hunt against Rainbow for breaching the Masquerade. There was some doubt about his motives and the Primogen moved to remove Prince Oliver from power. Primogen Dieter, Primogen Maltheal, Primogen Tark, and Primogen Anastazie used their combined status to strip Oliver of his praxis.
Reluctantly, Miles Stepped forward and claimed praxis. Elder Maltheal of clan Toreador was the first to support him. The other Primogen followed and Miles chose not to uphold the blood hunt on Rainbow. Miles moved quickly to establish his court. He named Oliver of clan Tremere his Seneschal, Joe of clan Brujah his Keeper of Elysium, and William of clan Tremere Sheriff. William declined the office. Miles named Anastazia Sheriff instead.

Anarch Anthony, Rainbow, and Maltheal.
The new prince went around soothing tempers and asking for solidarity among the Camarilla kindred. Everyone agreed that for the good of the Tower, they would put the past behind them.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Troubles at the Winchester Bar and Grill

Anastazia hosted a salon and invited high class kindred, along with some Anarchs. She hosted the salon next to a mortal rave that was going on next door. The Prince, Seneschal, Sheriff, and Harpy were all present. Anastazia delivered some terrible news, Zane Crockett was dead. It seemed that the cultists staked him and removed his head with an axe.
Pictured: Zane Crockett
Anastazia gathered gathered together a group to find Eric, whom her ghoul had tracked to the Winchester Bar and Grill in eastern Provo. She took Dieter, Joe, and two kindred who were newly arrived to the city, and left her own salon to find him.