Sunday, September 17, 2017

New Prince, Same Problems

The Primogen Council called a meeting in a hotel penthouse, all of the elegant kindred were in attendance and fashionably dressed. There were also a gaggle of Anarchs. Before the Primogen could officially begin the meeting, Prince Oliver announced that he was calling a blood hunt against Rainbow for breaching the Masquerade. There was some doubt about his motives and the Primogen moved to remove Prince Oliver from power. Primogen Dieter, Primogen Maltheal, Primogen Tark, and Primogen Anastazie used their combined status to strip Oliver of his praxis.
Reluctantly, Miles Stepped forward and claimed praxis. Elder Maltheal of clan Toreador was the first to support him. The other Primogen followed and Miles chose not to uphold the blood hunt on Rainbow. Miles moved quickly to establish his court. He named Oliver of clan Tremere his Seneschal, Joe of clan Brujah his Keeper of Elysium, and William of clan Tremere Sheriff. William declined the office. Miles named Anastazia Sheriff instead.

Anarch Anthony, Rainbow, and Maltheal.
The new prince went around soothing tempers and asking for solidarity among the Camarilla kindred. Everyone agreed that for the good of the Tower, they would put the past behind them.

A new unaligned vampire arrived and he introduced himself as Ty. He knew the Traditions and agreed to abide by them, so Prince Miles agreed to let him stay for the night. Ty  began talking to Anastazie and William about the cult problem, because he had been attacked while coming into town. Anastazie named Tark her deputy, they took Ty with them to investigate.
There were also a bunch of visiting Anarchs, some of which were new to the area. They were welcomed, because Anarch Anthony vouched for them. The Anarchs generally talked among themselves, occasionally involving the kindred of the Camarilla.
Ty lead Tark and Anastazie to an alley, where he was attacked. Anastazie found a trail of blood leading into a side building. Tark had a look around, but found nothing of consequence. Together, they followed the blood trail into an apartment. They split up and began searching, Ty staying with Tark. Anastazie opened the bedroom door and was confronted by a group of armed men. One of them she recognized and he was still wearing an ugly brown suit. He welcomed her and she turned to run.

Stanley Adams, a face you can be ambushed by.
Ty dread gazed Tark and sent him running, while the group of men engaged Anastazie. Out of nowhere, Eric appeard and attacked Anastazie as well. Anastazie turned again to push past Stanley and jump out of the window, but Stanley called for everyone to stop fighting and Anastazie to surrender, promising she would not be harmed any further. She felt magically compelled to stop fighting and give herself up.
As Tark was fleeing, he called William and Joe to inform them of what was going on. Back at the apartment, Stanley handed Anastazie a small jar of blood and dominated her to drink it. She did. Stanley then told his group that they were done, that she would come to them. They left and Anastazie slowly walked out a few minutes later.
When the cavalry arrived, it included Oliver, Joe, Tark, and William. Anastazie told them what had happened. Fearing the worst, William suggested they stake her. They agreed, Anastazie reluctantly, and she was staked by William. William arranged to have her body taken to the Tremere Chantry for testing.
Then they all returned to the penthouse to inform the Prince about what happened. While Tark was explaining things, Joe was reminding the Anarchs to behave themselves. At this point, one of the new Anarchs, Seth, shouted about being sick of her rules and brutally attacked the Keeper. This caught everyone by surprise.
Oliver, Rainbow, William, Tark, and Anarch Anthony jumped up to defend Joe, but she was still knocked into torpor. The rest of the Anarchs did nothing. Oliver was able to revive Joe using blood magic, but the Anarch Seth jumped out of a window, while on fire, and fell in the pool below.
Prince Sterling called for a blood hunt against Anarch Seth and commanded all the ancilla and neonate kindred of his city to keep vigilant patrol of their territory in the nights to come. With the sun soon rising, everyone returned to their havens.

The next game is October 14th, at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us.

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