Monday, September 4, 2017

Troubles at the Winchester Bar and Grill

Anastazia hosted a salon and invited high class kindred, along with some Anarchs. She hosted the salon next to a mortal rave that was going on next door. The Prince, Seneschal, Sheriff, and Harpy were all present. Anastazia delivered some terrible news, Zane Crockett was dead. It seemed that the cultists staked him and removed his head with an axe.
Pictured: Zane Crockett
Anastazia gathered gathered together a group to find Eric, whom her ghoul had tracked to the Winchester Bar and Grill in eastern Provo. She took Dieter, Joe, and two kindred who were newly arrived to the city, and left her own salon to find him.

At the salon, a ghost arrived and began harassing Rainbow. He accused her of killing him and was being a general nuisance. They tried various ways of driving him off with no success. Rainbow admitted she may have killed him, as she kills a lot of people in order to see visions of the future.
The Winchester seemed to be pretty popular on Saturday. The parking lot was nearly full, a few people were outside smoking, and there were other people coming and going. The kindred spent a few minutes planning and decided to send in Michael, because he was new to the city and Eric would not know him, and Anastazia would follow in obfuscate.
Inside, Michael wondered through the crowd, blending in and looking for Eric. Mortals parted without noticing to allow  Anastazia through. They did not find him in the public areas, so Anastazia decided to check the kitchen and basement. She did not have any luck in the kitchen, so she began desending the staircase into the basement.
Meanwhile, Joe became impatient and went inside. She noticed a man move behind her and pull a gun from his waistband. She quickly smacked the gun from his hand and he yelled about her pulling a gun. Just as everyone turned to see the commotion, Joe punched the man in the face and yelled about him cheating on her. The crowd was confused about what was going on, so Joe grabbed the man and dragged him outside.
As Anastazia descended the staircase, she caught a glimpse of a man walking past with a blood red rode on. She quickly sent a text to the group, letting them know where she was and that she might need their help. Michael bribed the kitchen staff to let him downstairs. Dieter was outback with Mae, who was the other kindred new to the city, and they decided the best course of action would be to remove the rear security door from it's hinges and hope no one notices.
"Just take it off, no one will notice." - Dieter
They took a few minutes removing the door and they set it aside. The kitchen staff stared perplexed at a man in a tuxedo and a hippy lady, who had just removed their security door. It took them a few moments to recover and a man who worked there demanded to know what they were doing. At first they ignored him, but when he wouldn't go away, they threatened him. He backed off and they continued downstairs.
While the door was being removed, Joe was punching the man out front and yelling about child support. When he went limp, she dragged him to the car, zipped tied his limbs and threw him in the trunk. She them went inside with the others. The kitchen staff tried to stop her, but she shoved them aside.
The basement was full of shelves of booze and the to the left was three doors. One was labeled as an office, the other was a restroom, and the last was unlabeled. They checked the three rooms, one was an alter with ankh imagery, the other was a restroom, and the last was an office with a man inside. He was on the phone and said that they had found him, before hanging up.
Michael assaulted him and showed his nature as something unusual, but instead of being frightened, the man was intrigued. He told them him name was Jeremy and he was part of a group of people who are seeking immortality, which he knows the group is. He tells them that he knows of magic elixirs that grant immortality and magic powers. He asked them why the immortals don't share their gift was others. The kindred laughed at him.
They took him and started to leave, but red and blue flashing lights were visible from outside. Mae turned into a wolf and loped out. Anastazia used obfuscate to escape. Michael smeared himself with blood, tore his shirt, and threw Jeremy over his shoulder. He then ran out, screaming about the dangerous people inside, the police were fooled and sent him to the paramedics. Dieter and Joe looked at each other and were unsure of what to do.
Back at the parlor, the ghost went to the mortal rave and began wreaking havoc. Now that the ghost had manifested, the Tremere lit him on fire and drove him back to the Shadowlands.
Anastazia called her police contacts and convinced them to take a bribe in exchange for the other two kindred. They negotiated terms and then Anastazia informed Dieter and Joe to them themselves be arrested. They complied, were arrested and then released a mile away. Anastazia paid the bribe.
Jeremy told them that Eric was heading to Geneva Steel, so the group started heading that way. They contacted William and let him know what was going on and he decided to meet them at the steel mill. When they all arrived, Michael and Mae went to scout for Eric, but had no luck finding him. William interrogated Jeremy and learned that there was a facebook group for people seeking immortality, which had two hundred fifty six members. William handed Jeremy over to Dieter to deal with and everyone parted ways. Dieter drove Jeremy to a secluded area and killed him.
At the parlor, Caleb the Anarch arrived to scene of horror. They ghost had killed a few people and the kindred were busy covering it up with copious amounts of drugs. Caleb was a little freaked out at the sign of all the carnage and some hunters showed up, posing as dead bodies. Rainbow tricked Caleb into killing one of the mortal hunters, which Caleb normally abhors. After the incident, Rainbow and Oliver began mocking Caleb for abandoning his morals, which caused him to frenzy and attack the Prince. He was chased off and the Camarilla elders laughed at Caleb's perceived weakness.
Miles heard about the incident at the Winchester and called Joe. Miles informed them that he would cover it up with the media, but requested a minor boon from all of those involved for the inconvenience. Joe and Anastazia agreed, Michael and Mae refused, and Dieter wanted to talk to Miles the following night to make arrangements to pay him for his inconvenience. Miles agreed to the meeting, but labeled Michael and Mae vulgar for disrespecting the domain and the members of it. He contacted his media contacts and greatly downplayed the incident as a bar fight that got out of hand.
The sun was close to rising, so everyone retreated to their havens.

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