Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Now, it's War.

The patrols reported unusual activity at an abandoned Kmart. William recognized one of the people there as a cultist. Everyone gathered to discuss the possibility that this was a trap.
A leather clad, dual weilding trap.
In the meantime, Prince Sterling was admonishing Mercedes, for making dates with cultists and told her that she needed to obey the Traditions. Mercedes said that Prince Sterling was not her father and the Prince told her that he was a father to all in his domain. He placed her under the accounting of Mr. Sampson, the Tremere, as long as she remained in the city. She stormed out of the meeting, vowing to leave the city.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Action, Reaction

The night began on a somber note, as Prince Miles announced the removel and disgrace of Oliver, for his breaking of Elysium. Oliver humbly stepped down with no complaint, or comment. The Prince then named Maltheal as his new Seneschal.
While all of this was going on, Joe was on her way to the meeting, when she was attacked by two cultists. They were not shy about using their infernalist gifts. Joe beat one into submission rather quickly and the other grabbed his friend and fled. Joe continued to the meeting and reported on what had happened.
Anastazie was feeling fine, with no residual effects from the blood potion, so she was allowed to resume her duties as Sheriff. She took Joe and a new Toreador, to hunt the cultists. They left at once.
At the scene of the crime, they discovered the blood of one of the attackers and tracked it to their hideout. The three kindred scouted the perimeter and made sure they knew where the men where hiding. They kicked open the door to discover some sort of ritual going on, with the injured man laying on the ground, blood being poured into his mouth, while two others chanted something. Being surprised, the men did not have time to react. They were all knocked out, except one, whom was killed.
They tied up the unconscious men and looted their apartment. They were taken to the meeting place, a country club at a golf course, and placed inside the freezer. Preperations were being made to transport them, when someone smelled fire. Some kindred fled, but the ones who investigated discovered that the kitchen was blaze and the freezer was open. The locks had been melted from the inside. The men were nowhere to be found.

The next game will be January 6th, at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Date with Cultists Part 2

The meeting was not at Elysium. Prince Sterling talked with many of the cities kindred to get an idea of what happened two weeks ago. He was informed that Sheriff Anastazie would not be present that evening. So, he assigned Hugo the Tremere to the position temporarily.

The Prince declared a Blood Hunt of the Anarch Rex, for conspiring with the infernalist cult. Unfortunately for the court, a gaggle of Anarchs came to visit, including Baron Riya, and began arguing about a trial and whatnot, but Prince Sterling ignored such nonsense.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


The night began with danger for Sammy Sampson. He was attacked by a group of hunters, while out looking for some blood. Sammy fled from the hunters and used supernatural concealment to hide his and his zombie henchmen's presence from the mortals.
Unless it's Halloween, these guys are a breach of the Masquerade.

Friday, November 24, 2017

On the Offensive

A meeting was called at the Orem Heritage Museum. After a short meeting with the Primogen, Prince Sterling declared it Elysium. The Prince then made sure all of the information that was gathered by the cult was handed over to the Sheriff for investigation.
The Sheriff began organizing a group to hunt down the cultists, but Sammy got tired of waiting and gathered to Tremere together. He requested that the be allowed to hunt down Eric Larson, a known member of the Illuminates of the New Dawn. The Prince agreed and they departed.
The Tremere allowed one of their own to leave the Chantry, his name is Hugo. He joined the hunt for Larson.
The Tremere went to the last known location of Larson, an open air mall called The Shops at Riverwoods. William began searching the traffic and mall security cameras. They located Eric just an hour ago leaving the mall and followed his path.
Big Brother is Watching You.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Date with Cultists

Court was held at the Riverside Golfcouse clubhouse in Provo. The Prince declared that it was not Elysium. A few notable kindred of the Ivory Tower joined the city, Dr. Butcher of clan Nosferatu, Leon Schmidt of clan Ventrue, and Chantelle of clan Toreador. Passing through was a Vizier named Kasi. Prince Sterling had the pleasure of hosting Baron Riya of Salt Lake City and Amaia. There was also an unaligned kindred who joined the gathering, Mercedes, a young kindred of clan Ventrue.
The Prince called court to order and informed everyone of Masquerade breaches in Tucson and Colorado Springs. While those cities are not extremely close, the attention of hunters may have been turned to their corner of the world, so it is imperative that the Masquerade be strictly enforced at all times. Even the smallest slip up could prove disastrous. Everyone understood and agreed.

Prince Sterling whispering secrets to Seneschal Oliver.
Talk turned to the Anarch situation and the Baron suggested that she and Miles speak privately. The Baron took Amaia with her and Prince Sterling took Seneschal Oliver and Master Harpy William. The group excused themselves and went into a meeting room. Tensions were high, but no one lost control of their beasts.

Monday, October 16, 2017

No Game on Saturday, October 28th.

Due to Halloween, there will be no game on Saturday October 28th.
Happy Halloween everyone.