Thursday, January 25, 2018

Problems with Anarchs

The gathering was small, but three Anarchs arrived into the domain of Utah County, Anthony, Tyr, and Mouse. In addition, the unaligned kindred who calls himself Hope came with them. Prince Sterling welcomed Anthony and Tyr. He made Hope pay two minor boons per two months of welcome, for Hope is a heretic. Hope agreed. Then, Prince Sterling told Mouse that he was told by three trusted sources that Mouse tried to have Sheriff Anastazie destroyed in Phoenix, AZ, when they both traveled there the previous week for a large gathering.

Helpless Anastazie targeted by a cruel Anarch.

Mouse denied the accusation, but the Prince withdrew his protection and told him to leave him domain. Mouse refused. The Prince kindly gave him ten minutes to depart, but Mouse was defiant and refused to leave.
Finally, acting Scourge Samuel approached Mouse and told him to leave. Mouse was vulgar in his refusal and took aggressive steps toward the Prince. Samuel extended his arm and blocked Mouse's path. Mouse threatened Samuel and Samuel responded by shoving him back with a magical push of energy.
Mouse drew his pistol and began firing at Samuel. Oliver, Joe, and the Prince himself jumped to Samuel's aid. Anthony jumped to defend Mouse, but not engage the Tower kindred. After blows and shots were exchanged, the Prince used a combination of Dominate and Presence to chase the miscreant away. The Prince announced that Mouse was unwelcome is his domain for trying to get the Sheriff destroyed and ignoring the domains sovereignty.
Anthony met with the Prince and tried to plead on Mouse's behalf, but the Prince refused to change his banishment order. The Prince made it clear that he was not upset with the Anarchs, only Mouse.
Further political conversations continued, but the sun was soon upon them and they retired for the evening.

The next game will be February 3rd, at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us.

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