Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Now, it's War.

The patrols reported unusual activity at an abandoned Kmart. William recognized one of the people there as a cultist. Everyone gathered to discuss the possibility that this was a trap.
A leather clad, dual weilding trap.
In the meantime, Prince Sterling was admonishing Mercedes, for making dates with cultists and told her that she needed to obey the Traditions. Mercedes said that Prince Sterling was not her father and the Prince told her that he was a father to all in his domain. He placed her under the accounting of Mr. Sampson, the Tremere, as long as she remained in the city. She stormed out of the meeting, vowing to leave the city.

Mr. Sampson reluctantly followed, to keep her from getting into trouble.
Debate continued, with the only conclusion that, while this was most likely a trap, it should not be ignored. Plans were discussed for sneaking into the building and catchinf the cultists by surprise. Mr. Giovanni sent a spirit to spy on them and Prince Sterling looked in on them from the astral. They found that there were six cultists and one staked vampire in the building. There were a few refrigerators and coolers filled with bags of blood also.
Sheriff Anastazie insisted that destroying the blood be everyone's top priority, but everyone else was more concerned with the cultists. When Mr. Sampson returned, with Mercedes in tow, he agreed to hide everyone, in preparation for the assault.
Mr. Sampson raised a fog, to hide everyone and used his mastery of obfuscate to hide a group, as well.
Oliver, Joe, and William went to set up a parameter and gather some information. When the rest of the group arrived, Mr. Giovanni, his ghoul, and Prince Sterling went around back to cover that escape route.
There was some discussion about how to get into the building, but Joe grew impatient and opened the front door. All Hell broke loose after that, cultists burst into flames, grew claws, or just started shooting. Flames erupted and zombies crashed through the windows. It was absolute pandemonium.
The cultist vampires were unhappy with fire.
When the dust and ash settled, there were wounded members of the city, but the cultists were dead and their hideout was burned to the ground. Joe had been beat into torpor, but Oliver assisted in reviving her. Everyone retreated to tend to their wounds. William took the staked vampire back to the Tremere Chantry.
With the sun on the horizon, everyone fled back to their havens.

The next game will be January 20th, at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us.

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