Sunday, February 19, 2017

Succession Dispute

Prince Tyler O' Leary is dead. That was the decision by the court when the prince did not arrive. Rupert Thorn and Iment Lawth both claimed praxis and it looked like it might come to blows. Iment told Rupert that he could be his Seneschal, but Rupert disagreed. Surprisingly, both of the would-be Princes sat down and began to discuss their claims.
Jinx and Guther went to explore the bar in Carcosa. Charles was intimidated by Gunter, but served him blood anyway. He told Jinx that talk around the city was that The Amber Queen was pleased with her. Jinx was happy to hear this and tried to explain to Gunther what was going on, but he had trouble following along. They talked with Charles a bit, finding out that The Amber Queen desired mortals who's ages fell on multiples of seven, before returning to Orem. Jinx made sure to take a sample of the blood being served in the bar.
Upon returning, they were informed that Iment and Rupert had come to a decision. Iment Lawth would be the new Prince and Rupert Thorn would be his Seneschal. Prince Lawth chose to keep Morgan as the Sheriff and Gunther as Keeper of Elysium, for now. Jinx was appointed as Malkavian Primogen. Prince Lawth was quick to welcome Mike, the Anarch, to assist with the Sabbat problem; as the Anarchs are having their own problems with the Sabbat in Salt Lake City.
Seneschal Rupert Thorn, Clan Brujah

Friday, February 10, 2017

Next Game February 18, 2017

The next Vampire: The Masquerade live action roleplaying game with be on February 18, 2017 at 6:00PM. Pre-game character creation will be at 5:00PM. The game's location will be the Dragon's Keep in Orem, UT; 48 west 300 north. We want you to join us!
This is a Vampire LARP at Northwest University.
Pre-generated characters will be available also.
E-mail the storyteller with any questions and explore the site for setting and clan information.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

War Intermission

The night began quiet. With increased patrols, the Sabbat have quieted down a bit. Sheriff Morgan heard a report of a miracle, a statue in a park crying tears of blood. Morgan deputized Thorn and went to check it out. Back at Elysium, everyone was milling about, all except Jinx, who was drawing pictures with blood on a mirror. Everyone commented on how strange the Seneschal was, out of her hearing of course.
The Sheriff and Thorn arrived in the park and discover the Nosferatu Anarch, Mike, was investigating the statue for a different reason; people had been leaving dead cats on the statue as some sort of sacrifice. Being an animal lover, Mike was a bit upset. They could all see that the statue was, indeed, crying blood. Checking newspaper articles, they discovered a young lady, Alice, had died by suicide just three days ago. They began investigating the statue and surrounding area for clues.
Back at Elysium, Evie could clearly see that Jinx was drawing some sort of symbol on the mirror and asked Jinx was she was doing. Jinx said she was drawing a symbol to help someone named Amber, who was trapped inside, and when Evie pressed her for more information, Jinx became obviously upset and attempted to walk away.
This sign.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Camarilla Court Positions

The Camarilla generally sets up its cities like feudal system courts of old. The vampire with the most clout and force of will usually becomes Prince of the domain and assigns other vampires to various posts, except the Harpy.
Following is a list of the most common court positions in Camarilla courts.