Sunday, February 19, 2017

Succession Dispute

Prince Tyler O' Leary is dead. That was the decision by the court when the prince did not arrive. Rupert Thorn and Iment Lawth both claimed praxis and it looked like it might come to blows. Iment told Rupert that he could be his Seneschal, but Rupert disagreed. Surprisingly, both of the would-be Princes sat down and began to discuss their claims.
Jinx and Guther went to explore the bar in Carcosa. Charles was intimidated by Gunter, but served him blood anyway. He told Jinx that talk around the city was that The Amber Queen was pleased with her. Jinx was happy to hear this and tried to explain to Gunther what was going on, but he had trouble following along. They talked with Charles a bit, finding out that The Amber Queen desired mortals who's ages fell on multiples of seven, before returning to Orem. Jinx made sure to take a sample of the blood being served in the bar.
Upon returning, they were informed that Iment and Rupert had come to a decision. Iment Lawth would be the new Prince and Rupert Thorn would be his Seneschal. Prince Lawth chose to keep Morgan as the Sheriff and Gunther as Keeper of Elysium, for now. Jinx was appointed as Malkavian Primogen. Prince Lawth was quick to welcome Mike, the Anarch, to assist with the Sabbat problem; as the Anarchs are having their own problems with the Sabbat in Salt Lake City.
Seneschal Rupert Thorn, Clan Brujah

While Prince Lawth was organizing his domain, a young girl in a yellow dress walked out of the mirror. She was holding a silver tray with a note, addressed to Jinx, upon it.
The Picture of Innocence.
Jinx took the note and thanked the girl. Without a word, the girl gracefully glided back through the mirror. Jinx let out a squeal of delight when she saw it was an invitation for her and a guest to The Amber Queens Masquerade Ball. Jinx asked Mike to accompany her, but he politely declined. Then, she asked Prince Lawth, who agreed.
Guther's phone rang and his ghoul informed him that the Wienerschnitzel next door was ablaze.
It's totally on fire.
The Prince ordered everyone out to see what was going on. In the parking lot, they spotted a group of five pale ruffians lounging next to a red Toyota. Upon seeing the Prince and other Camarilla members, the ruffians arose and formed aggressive stances. Gunther wasted no time, he rushed forward and punched the lead ruffian, sending him flying back into the car, denting it badly. Two of the ruffians tried to hit Gunther, but he expertly dodged their blows. One of the ruffians tried to hit Thorn, but he hit the ruffian so hard that he knocked his head off. Mike grabbed one of them and pinned him to the ground. The last ruffian hit the Prince, Jeffery tried to shoot him, but missed. Even with another ruffian appearing out of Obfuscate, they were no match for the raw power of Thorn and Gunther. The Prince dominated one into submission and Mike still had one pinned to the ground. Jinx did her best to hide the group with her Obfuscate and they quickly took the captives to the basement of one of the Prince's businesses.
The first Sabbat vampire was less than cooperative and showered insults upon Gunther. Then, Jinx dominated him into drinking the Carcosan blood. There was nothing immediately wrong with him, so Gunther dragged him away and staked him. The second captive wasn't cooperative either and he was forced to drink blood from the crying statue. He began ranting and raving about blood, Indians, and rituals. They quickly tired of his ramblings, so Jinx killed him.
The Prince told Gunther to guard their other captive. He then told everyone to patrol over the next two weeks, to keep the Sabbat at bay. Everyone agreed. With the sun shortly rising, everyone retreated to their havens.

The next game is March 4th at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us and find out what it's like to be a vampire.

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  1. Slightly incorrect. The Sabbat who drank the tears was drooling and catatonic after ranting of visions. Jinx put him out of his misery.