Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Camarilla Court Positions

The Camarilla generally sets up its cities like feudal system courts of old. The vampire with the most clout and force of will usually becomes Prince of the domain and assigns other vampires to various posts, except the Harpy.
Following is a list of the most common court positions in Camarilla courts.

Prince: The Prince is the ruler of the domain with near total dominion. The Prince is responsible to keep the Traditions upheld and their fomain orderly.
Seneschal: The Seneschal is the Prince's right hand kindred and rules the domain in their absence. Generally, if a vampire wishes to speak to the Prince, they must ask the Seneschal for an audience.
Primogen: The Primogen form a council that advises the Prince. It is common for a Prince to have a Primogen Council made up of the eldest of each clan present in the city, but this is not always the case. Primogen are responsible and speak for those they are put in charge of, usually their clanmates.
Whip: A Whip is a Primogen members right hand and serves in their place, if the Primogen is absent.
Sheriff: The Sheriff is the Prince's chief enforcer. They police the domain, looking for violations of the Traditions.
Scourge: This position is often left vacant. The Scourge prowls the city and destroys undesirable vampires, mainly Caitiff and thin blooded vampires.
Harpy: The Harpy is the only court official selected by the populous, not the Prince. The Harpy tracks boons and ensures that boons are repaid. The Harpy also keeps the Prince informed of recent events.
Keeper of Elysium: The Elysium is a place where Kindred can interact without a threat of violence. The Keeper of Elysium, or simply the Keeper, has the job of providing security to the Elysium and approving all gatherings held there.

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