Sunday, February 5, 2017

War Intermission

The night began quiet. With increased patrols, the Sabbat have quieted down a bit. Sheriff Morgan heard a report of a miracle, a statue in a park crying tears of blood. Morgan deputized Thorn and went to check it out. Back at Elysium, everyone was milling about, all except Jinx, who was drawing pictures with blood on a mirror. Everyone commented on how strange the Seneschal was, out of her hearing of course.
The Sheriff and Thorn arrived in the park and discover the Nosferatu Anarch, Mike, was investigating the statue for a different reason; people had been leaving dead cats on the statue as some sort of sacrifice. Being an animal lover, Mike was a bit upset. They could all see that the statue was, indeed, crying blood. Checking newspaper articles, they discovered a young lady, Alice, had died by suicide just three days ago. They began investigating the statue and surrounding area for clues.
Back at Elysium, Evie could clearly see that Jinx was drawing some sort of symbol on the mirror and asked Jinx was she was doing. Jinx said she was drawing a symbol to help someone named Amber, who was trapped inside, and when Evie pressed her for more information, Jinx became obviously upset and attempted to walk away.
This sign.

Jinx could see the part of the mirror fade away and a hallway lay beyond. Jinx quickly went into the hallway, when Evie kept asking questions. In the concrete hallway were some stairs that went up.
At the park, Morgan, Thorn, and Mike found a homeless man playing a guitar near the statue and asking if any of the investigators knew an attractive female who played bass. Sadly, they did not. In an effort to find out more about the statue, Mike began asking the local animals.
Jinx walked upstairs into an old tavern. It was clean, all brass and wood, with gas lamps on the walls. The tavern was empty, except a dapper looking man behind the bar. He welcomed Jinx and told her that he hadn't seen any customers come from that entrance in a long time... a very long time.
Concerned that the Seneschal had disappeared into a mirror, Iment called the Sheriff. Morgan told Iment to go and get Jinx and bring her to the park. Iment reluctantly stepped through.
The Bartender seemed to know, and not be bothered by, the fact that Jinx was a vampire. He served her up a tall warm pint of A positive. Jinx asked him about him and where she was. He explained that his name was Charles and she was in a land called Carcosa. Jinx asked about Amber and Charles told her that the Amber she was looking for must be the Amber Queen, who at that moment was having a masquerade ball at her palace. Iment had been listening quietly and now revealed himself.
Sheriff Morgan had discovered that the statue was magical somehow. In an effort to learn more, he drank a drop of the statues bloody tears. He began seeing incoherent visions and slumped over onto the ground.
Iment told Jinx that the Sheriff was looking for her. Jinx sighed and ignored him for a moment. She asked Charles if she could go to the ball, but Charles advised against it, without an invitation. When Jinx asked why, Charles said that crashing the ball would be rude. Jinx believed he was holding back and read Charles' mind. Iment got a glass of O positive while he waited for Jinx. Jinx saw visions of the Amber Queen and her court. They were slaughtering people with knives, carving the symbol into the exposed flesh on their backs. Jinx noted that the victims appeared to be specifically chosen because of their age. Iment then told Jinx again about how the Sheriff was looking for her. With a heavy sigh, Jinx thanked Charles and they returned to Orem.
On the other side of the mirror, Jeffery Lewis had just arrived. He asked about the hallway, but Iment said they had more important things to do in the park. Jinx hung a large painting in front of the hallway entrance.
Jeffery Lewis, the most handsome vampire.
As Iment drove to the park, he and Jinx shared their experience in Carcosa with Jeffery and Evie. Jeffery called his retainer, asked her to keep an eye on the entrance to Carcosa, call him if anything comes out, and get out if anything does.
The Sheriff, Mike, and Thorn were quickly spotted as Iment's car drove into the park's parking lot. Everyone quickly met up at the base of the statue and swapped information, as to the night's events. A new Gangrel in town, Andrew, showed up, but Jinx knew he was coming and was okay with it. Jeffery, Iment, and Jinx thought that the hallway to Carcosa and the bleeding statue might be linked. Jeffery had the thought that Alice's body should be examined for clues. Everyone agreed and they went to the morgue.
Thorn, being a police sergeant, was able to get everyone inside. Spirit's touch revealed the she had, in fact, died by suicide and was horribly depressed at the time. It also revealed that a nurse was the last person to have any emotion contact with her.
Jinx had the idea to check the girl's facebook account, which revealed that she had been pregnant just a few weeks ago, and she had a boyfriend, until a couple months ago. Jeffery has his hacker contact locate the boyfriend. Jeffery and Iment stayed behind to go to the boyfriend's house to question him. Everyone else went to the nurse's house. Jeffery's hacker contact tells him the boyfriend ran off to LA right after the break up.
At the nurse's house, Thorn and Jinx question him and come to the conclusion that he doesn't know anything worthwhile. He assisted Alice when she had a violent miscarriage, but did not know her outside of that incident. Jeffery, Iment, and Andrew thought that maybe they missed something so they entranced and dominated the nurse to try and find out more. Sadly, they did not find out anything extra and left empty handed. With the sun shortly rising, everyone retreated to their havens.

The next game is February 18th at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us and find out what it's like to be a vampire.

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