Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Date with Cultists Part 2

The meeting was not at Elysium. Prince Sterling talked with many of the cities kindred to get an idea of what happened two weeks ago. He was informed that Sheriff Anastazie would not be present that evening. So, he assigned Hugo the Tremere to the position temporarily.

The Prince declared a Blood Hunt of the Anarch Rex, for conspiring with the infernalist cult. Unfortunately for the court, a gaggle of Anarchs came to visit, including Baron Riya, and began arguing about a trial and whatnot, but Prince Sterling ignored such nonsense.

One of the Anarchs hit it off with Mercedes and they decided to go on a double date, while the court was arguing about what do about Rex teaming up with the Anarch Seth, who attacked Joe a few months ago, and the inferalist cult.
When Mercedes and the Anarch went to go on their date, they got jumped by a group of four cultists. They quickly captured Mercedes and the Anarch used obfuscate to hide. The cultists loaded Mercedes into a van and the Anarch jumped in after them. While traveling, the Anarch alerted his friends, who informed the Prince. When one of the cultists offered Mercedes a contract to sign, the Anarch revealed himself and snatched it.
Once the Prince heard that the unaligned Mercedes and an Anarch had been captured by the cults, he was quick to ask his Primogen and other court officials if they should bother with rescuing them. They agreed that this might lead to discovering something useful about the cult, so he ordered the Sheriff to take a group and track them down.
Tracking them down was not too complicated and a large fight ensued. The cultists were quick to reveal their infernal powers and the vampires responded by revealing their powers of the blood. Hugo, Sammy, and William left the fight to respond to the Masquerade breaches, by removing electronic devices and erasing memories of witnesses.
One of cultists fled, two were killed, and one captured. The captured infernalist was bound in iron chains and taken to one of Anarch Anthony's holdings. No new information was gained from the conflict.

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