Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sewer Stompers and Upstarts

The night's Elysium began with the introduction of a few new vampires; Dr. Trent Sparrow of clan Toreador, Malthael elder of clan Toreador, and Matthew Kiene of clan Brujah. All presented themselves properly and were acknowledged.
The witch problem was soon brought up and the kindred had a difficult time coming up with a plan. After much discussion, they decide that Anastazia, Tristan, Dieter, Belfrii and Sir Teacup, and William will go to the sewer entrance and try to find more information about the stolen bodies. Upon entering the stinking sewer, Anastazia noticed some boot prints that were slightly different from the normal workman boots and followed them.
While the group sloshed through the sewers, a lively debate started in Elysium about what the kindred miss most about being human. Many answers were discussed; food, sex, but what a majority of them missed most was being able to be in sunlight. Then a suggestion was made that humanity is overrated and nothing about it should be missed.

Sunlight sucks for real vampires.

 After many twists and turns, the group in the sewer could hear squeaks and skittering in front of them. A horde of rats came into view. Anastazia charged forward, as did Tristan, but only after William handed him a knife. Anastazia tore two of the rats in half and Tristan killed one with the knife. Dieter shot fire from his fingertips, which ignited a small pocket of methane. The resulting flash of fire was not large enough to damage anyone, but it was enough to frighten Belfrii. Out of reflex, Belfrii used her dementation on the first person she saw, which was Anastazia.

Fear me!

Back at Elysium, the discussion was getting heated as the group was polarized. One group believed that humanity and morality where mortal concepts and did not apply to the kindred. The other group thought that humanity was a fundamental concept of the Masquerade and mortal played a major role in it. Shouting matches began between the two group, with one group being called callous and the other naive.
The rats continued to attack the sewer delvers. Tristan was being badly injured and in a panic Belfrii fled down the tunnel. Anastazia was having a difficult time telling the difference between fantasy and reality, as Dieter calmly executed the vermin with fire. William had fallen back, content on allowing the others to fight off the horde. As Belfrii ran, she bumped into a man in front of her. He made a comment about her appearance and then began ruthlessly stabbing her in the stomach.
At Elysium, the groups debated frenzy and they could all agree the seeing someone in frenzy, or frenzying oneself was not a pleasant experience. Sheriff Joe claimed to have never frenzied in her one hundred fifty year existence, despite being Brujah. Jaret stated that such a thing was impossible and accused Sheriff Joe of being a spy. He did not say for whom.
Belfrii ran back to the group, as they finished off the last of the rat horde. She told them what had happened and they looked for her assailant, but could not locate him. William climbed out the sewer and the rest followed him. They all hurried to places where they could change clothes and bathe. Belfrii began ranting about a vision she had, about a sick dog in an alley that needed her help. William and Dieter went back to Elysium, while Belfrii, Tristan, and Anastazia chose to go check out Eric's trailer.
Jaret continued his rant about the Brujah and demanded her blood be tested to prove that she was Brujah. Joe grew upset and stormed out of Elysium. Prince Oliver agreed to the elder Ventrue's demand that she be tested. Upon William returning to Elysium, he was ordered by the Prince to go to Joe's haven and test her.
The alley next to the trailer park looked just like the one in Belfrii's vision. They went to investigate, but only found a disheveled bum sleeping on the ground. They woke him and demanded to know about the dog. The bum didn't know much, but had seen dogs wondering through the alley from time to time. He also mentioned that they often went to the trailer park also. Anastazia followed some dog tracks to Eric's trailer and broke into it.
William went to Joe's haven and when he returned to Elysium, he told the Prince that he had tested her and she was Brujah. Jaret apologized and offered a minor boon as recompense. Everyone agreed that the matter was closed, but slights against kindred are not so easily forgotten.

Bad tattoos are also not easily forgotten.

Eric's trailer was empty of occupants or animals, but Anastazia followed the dog tracks back out of the trailer and back to the alley. The bum was gone, so she and Belfrii began tracking him. Tristan stayed at Eric's and began rummaging through his belongings. He found some interesting notebooks was strange, undecipherable writings. He took them. Tristan turned as someone entered the trailer and was surprised to see a muscular, scruffy looking man. The man said something about Tristan being predictable and began stabbing him in the stomach.
Tristan fled and ran to Anastazia and Belfrii. Upon reaching them, he explained what had happened. They arrived back at Eric's trailer, but he was gone. Anastazia wanted to track him down, but it was dangerously close to sunrise. They all returned to Elysium and made their report to the Prince and Seneschal. With no announcements or directives, Elysium was ended and everyone retreated to their havens.

The next game is August 19th at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us.

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