Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bring Out Your Dead

The night began with the introduction of three new Camarilla vampires. Rainbow introduced her childe, Belfrii and her companion, Sir Teacup. Another Toreador joined the city named Tristan and an Assamite named Sien joined as well. They were all welcomed and acknoledged by Prince Oliver. Some Anarchs came to visit and they were welcomed as well. Introductions were made and everyone seemed to be getting along.

Business was handled quickly and everyone split into various groups to discuss the goings on in the area, specifically the feeling of malaise that had fallen upon the region. The investigating kindred noticed that religious buildings seemed to be less directly affected, but have a stronger feeling around their perimeters. It was also discovered that some bodies had been stolen from their graves and the grave robbers tracked to the same run down neighborhood as the perpetrators who killed a man two weeks ago. Seeing that this was unlikely a coincidence, the Prince ordered the Sheriff to investigate. Meanwhile, Belfrii was attempting to speak to ghosts in a variety of ways and warned Miles that "Winter is coming."

The Sheriff took William, Anastazie, Tristan, Sien, and an Anarch with her to investigate the graveyard where the bodies were taken. Anastazie and Sien looked over the graves, while Obfuscating, and concluded that the bodies where not extracted by supernatural power, but shovels and hard work. The coffins remained in the graves, only the bodies were taken. They also found muddy tire tracks nearby. The Anarch entranced and began questioning one of the police officers, while William went to observe the traffic cameras with his technomancy.
The Anarch convinced the officer to transfer the video camera footage from the nearby stop light to his thumb drive. William gathered information about an old Ford truck that obviously was used to haul away the bodies. He was frustrated by the lack of a front license plate. The footage the Anarch received was of the men arriving and he was able to get pictures of their faces. Using the pictures, William broke into an scanned the DMV driver license database using his technomancy. It took him awhile, but he was able to locate the two men. Eric and Bill, they were brothers. He wrote down their Pleasant Grove addresses and then went to the graves to investigate himself. Tristan distracted the police officers while William failed to find anything of use.
They first drove to Eric's home, the older brother. He lived in a double-wide that was dark and Tristan could hear a dog inside walking around. The group then left to go to Bill's home, the younger brother. His house was small with a heavily neglected yard, it was obvious the television was on inside. Anastazie and Sien walked up to the house, Sien was obfuscated, and knocked. A disheveled man opened the door and Anastazie told him she was looking for Bill. The disheveled man did not know where Bill was, but did confirm he lived there.
"Yeah, Bill lives here, but lets talk about you."
The disheveled man introduced himself as Kevin and invited Anastazie inside. Sien slipped inside behind her. The house was neglected, like the yard, and it was obvious that bachelors lived there. Anastazie chatted with Kevin, while Sien went into the back bedrooms and began searching through one of them, the less disheveled one. Inside she found a loaded .38 Special and a survival knife. She kept the knife.
After awhile, a truck pulled into the driveway, but it was not the truck they were looking for. However, Bill got out and started walking toward the house. The vampires outside got into position and waited. Bill opened the door and Anastazie greeted him. He yelped in surprise and turned to run. Both Anastazie and Sien tried to grab him, but ended up getting in each others way. Tristan tried to grab him in the driveway, but Bill dodged him as well. It was looking good for Bill's getaway, until he ran into Joe, who slammed him to the ground.
Joe threw him to Anastazie's SUV. Bill pulled out a butane lighter and lit it. He then put it in Joe's face and looked worried when nothing happened. The Anarch was inside the SUV and entranced Bill, telling him that he would protect him and that everything was fine. Bill calmed down as Joe backed off and it did seem that the Anarch was protecting him. The Anarch questioned his new friend, trying to figure out what he knew. Bill admitted to stealing the bodies for money. He took the bodies to a witch that his brother knew, who had given him a magical potion that allowed him to see vampires. That was why he ran. The witch had also told him about vampires and their dislike of fire.
When the questioning was complete, they knocked out Bill, tied him up, and put him in the back of the SUV.
They erased Kevin's memory and put him in bed. William took the opportunity to look through Bill's room and found some half written rituals that seemed accurate. They returned to Eric's house, but it still appeared he was not home. They then looked around the drop off site, where Bill and Eric had dropped off the bodies to the witches acolytes. It was a service entrance to the sewer system. They did not have much time to investigate, as the sun was rising shortly. Everyone returned to their havens and planned to continue the investigation at a later date.

The next game is August 5th at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us.

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