Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dark Ambition

The first modern game of the chronicle began with the Salt Lake City Anarchs negotiating their territory with the Prince. The Prince did not request council and negotiated everything himself. The resulting map was whisked away by the Anarchs, before any other court member could view it.
A Camarilla Ventrue arrived in the city, Jaret Byar. He is a well reputed kindred, extremely loyal to the Ivory Tower.
Miles received a call from his Retainer and went upstairs with the Keeper of Elysium, Zane Crockett. They discovered a man's corpse inside the restroom. His neck had been punctured and most of his blood had been drained.
I'm sure someone will miss him.

They retained the witnesses for questioning and requested assistance from the Seneschal, who is well trained in the disciplines of Auspex and Thamaturgy. William was able to summon an image of the perpetrators into his mind and transfer the image into his phone. He then shared that image with the Prince and court. He even showed it to the Anarchs, just in case the perpetrators where from that sect.
From the image, it could be determined that one of the perpetrators held down the victim, while the other bit his neck and fed. William was able to change the memories of the mortals, so they did not remember the victim. Security footage from outside the restroom was able to further identify the perpetrators and observe which way they fled.
After sharing this information with the Prince, he declared a blood hunt on the two perpetrators for breaking the Masquerade. He commanded all loyal Camarilla kindred to engage in the hunt. The Anarchs tagged along.
Using his influence with the police, Zane was able to use the traffic camera system to track the perpetrators to a run down neighborhood in Provo. Everyone piled into their vehicles and drove there and then William used a ritual which allowed him to follow the perpetrators into a three story apartment building.
Nearly everyone went inside and William pointed out the exact ground level door the perpetrators had passed through. Then, William and Miles went around back and found the apartment's windows has been painted black. Stealthfully, they opened the window and saw the two perpetrators wearing black cloaks and chanting. Around them were many candles and on the blood was a runic circle, seemingly painted in blood.
Kinda like this, but more elaborate.
 Out in the hall, the other kindred attempted to get the perpetrators to leave by pulling the fire alarm, unfortunately, it was non-operative. Anastazie grew impatient and kicked the door open. Zane rushed inside and pulled his side arm. He ordered the men on the ground. Anastazie rushed in as well, brandishing he claws. One of the perpetrators tried to run, but Anastazie grabbed him and would not let him flee. The other, with a gun to his head, dropped to his knees and professed his innocence.
The Prince and Dieter could see that the runic circle was just gibberish and not tied to the occult.
As they were being bound and the apartment searched, where William discovered a prescription for Prozac, a police siren began wailing close by. Everyone scrambled, but Zane quickly realized that it was the siren on his car. The siren had drawn a crowd of onlookers.
As they loaded the two captives into Zane's trunk, Jaret was quick to erase as many witnesses minds as possible. Everyone then got into their cars and drove away. They found a abandoned store and took the captives inside. They all gathered in a circle, with their captives in the middle. They questioned the two men and discovered that they were mortals who wanted to be vampires. They were trying to summon a demon that would grant them their wish. All the vampires laughed at them.
The discussion turned to what to do with them. They were a threat to the masquerade and could bring mortal hunters to the city. The Prince simply wanted them dead and everyone was having difficulty coming up with an alternative. The Anarchs opposed killing them, but could not come up with an alternative either. Jaret requested a major boon of the Prince to erase the men's memories and for his actions in protecting the masquerade that evening. The Prince refused. Finally Dieter decided that he would kill them.
As Dieter walked toward them with his knife out, William used his Thamaturgy to push him back. He had come up with a plan at the last moment. He would erase the memories of the night's events and then have them committed in the Provo Asylum. The Prince agreed. Miles thought it was a good idea also and contacted Rainbow, whom he knew to have influence at the Asylum. Rainbow agreed to have the men committed and even agreed to make them more insane to pass them off.
Miles informed everyone of Rainbow's decision and William got to work, erasing their memories of the night's events. With the night's chaos contained, everyone departed for their havens.

The next game is July 22nd at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us.

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