Monday, June 26, 2017


The evening began with introductions of a few new Camarilla Cainites joining the city. David "Sammy" Sampson, a Tremere; Zane, a Toreador; and Anastazie. Some Anarchs arrived and informed the Prince that they had taken Salt Lake City and pushed the Sabbat to Ogden. The Anarchs expected a big show, but the Camarilla vampires already knew what had happened. In fact, the Camarilla vampires had provided covert assistance, because the Anarchs had refused overt assistance. Deflated, the Anarch Ambassador left the meeting.
After some meeting and greeting, another Camarilla vampire arrived. He was remarkably different from the brooding vampires. He was loud, kind, and smiling. He also handed out business cards. His name was Stanley Adams.
Stanley Adams, a face you can trust.

He attempted to get the populace to buy blood from him, 100% guaranteed virgin, but no one was interested. Upon his departing, Anastazie followed him and threatened him to not step over the line into her business. They came to an agreement and departed with an understanding.
The meeting officially ended and Rainbow and Miles departed together. Rainbow decided to have a little fun and challenge the populace to a contest to test them. She hid in a location in the domain and Miles had his ghoul report that whomever found them would receive a minor boon from Rainbow. Despite giving her jacket and head kerchief to women who resembled her, the Seneschal was able to find them after some difficulty.

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