Sunday, June 11, 2017


Summer, 1984. Everyone met in the basement of Mile's nightclub, previously called The Star Palace, but now called The Star. The Anarchs arrived in force, but did not seek to challenge Prince Oliver's leadership. They informed him of their plan to take Salt Lake City from the Sabbat and the Prince agreed to assist them. There was also an unaligned kindred who came to visit the city. Two new Camarilla kindred also introduced themselves, Joe, a Brujah and Edwad, a Tremere.

Too much style, 80's Style.
Zeth, the unaligned kindred, asked Prince Oliver to extend protection to him and in turn, he would offer a major boon to the Prince. The Prince agreed. A passionate debate started between the Anarchs and Ivory Tower kindred about freedom, order, and the nature of Cainite existence. Although tempers flared a bit, everyone respected Elysium.
Prince Oliver and William discussed naming a Sheriff and asked Joe to complete a task to prove her worth, if she wanted the position. He told her to go to Salt Lake City and bring back a member of the Sabbat, alive. Joe agreed and departed with William, who would be an observer.
Edwad was causing minor commotion, insulting the Anarchs and demanding everyone follow him, because he was "The Chosen One." The Prince and Harpy thought he was funny and quite possibly ingested some contaminated blood, so he was tolerated. Zeth and Anthony, an Anarch, played chess. Prince Oliver and Harpy Miles bet a trivial boon on the outcome. Anthony and Miles both lost.
Joe returned with a Sabbat member in tow. The was tied up and began spouting anti-Camarilla propaganda. He was bleeding badly and his blood was obviously flowing, he was a ghoul. Prince Oliver offered the ghoul to the Anarchs as a gift to represent their alliance. Upon hearing this, the ghoul attempted to escape, but failed. Rahab, an Anarch, crushed the ghouls chest, which killed him.
Miles immediately protested because the ghouls blood was ruining his carpet, but Rex, another Anarch, promised to clean it up. Edwad rummaged through the corpse's pockets and found only slimy used contraceptive devices. Rainbow suggested Edwad wash his hands. Edwad rubbed his hands on the Harpy's shirt to clean them. Miles warned him and Edwad removed himself from the room in a hurry. Edwad went upstairs to change.
 Rainbow removed the body and took it somewhere secret. There, she used it to divine the future. She reported the finding to the court, after disposing of the body with her allies in the coroner's office. She told them of a red star at the start of the new millennium that would appear in the sky and that would be the time to strike the Sabbat and take Salt Lake City. Everyone was pleased to hear the prophecy and plans were tentatively discussed. The Anarchs played poker for trivial boons, which Riya easily won. Rainbow was teaching one of the young Anarchs about the Camarilla, for which Miles granted her loyal.
A short time later, a disturbance at the entrance of the club drew Miles, Joe, and Oliver upstairs. A gang was looking for their lost member, which they tracked to the club. Some heated words were exchanged and Edwad walked out to see what was going on. Edwad got punched in the back of the head and ran back inside. While everyone was arguing outside about the missing gang member, who everyone figured out was the ghoul Joe and kidnapped, Edwad told the Anarchs that anyone who helped fight the gang outside would receive a major boon from him. The Anarchs rushed outside. More words were exchanged, then Riya began singing, which seemed to entrance two of the gang members. Fighting then began, with everyone ganging up on the Sabbat vampires. The Sabbat vampires were quickly destroyed and the Masquerade was protected by a sudden power outage.
For her bravery and willingness to destroy Sabbat members, Joe was granted courageous by Prince Oliver.

The next game will be June 24, 2017 at 6pm at the Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north Orem, UT. Join us.

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