Sunday, May 28, 2017


Summer, 1969. Due to the population of the Orem-Provo area increasing beyond one hundred thousand and continuing to grow and a Sabbat presence in Salt Lake City, the Ivory Tower seemingly decided to send a group of Cainites to the area.
A group of kindred were given letters, summoning them to a secret meeting in a peach orchard seemingly from their Ivory Tower betters. Everyone stood around and stared at each other a moment, then Miles Sterling began introducing himself and talking to everyone. A table with food a candles was quickly discovered by Moonbeam, who began partaking of the food, which she swore was blood in food form. No one else was daring enough to eat the blood food, so they simply sat and chatted quietly.

Moonbeam and Miles were dressed stylishly.
Suddenly, a fancy dressed gentleman walked into the clearing. He told them he had sent the letters to summon them there. He told them of the darkness in Salt Lake City and how important it was to stop it from spreading. He implored them to work together and to consider the grove Elysium. No one disagreed with him and he departed as quickly as he'd arrived.

Everyone agreed that something had to be done about the Sabbat and establishing a domain would be prudent. Miles declared praxis and Eva immediately insulted him. Miles and Eva traded some words and Eva ordered her ghoul to punch him. The ghoul did as commanded, but quickly backed down when Miles glared at him menacingly.
When challenged by one of the Tremere, Miles stated that he had a history of military experience in nearly every American military encounter. In addition, he was an experienced diplomat and much more fashionable than everyone present. Oliver agreed that those were all good qualities, but the ability to lead and delegate as well. Miles was reluctant to admit, but did so, that he preferred to handle things himself. However, it appeared that no one else was willing to claim praxis.
Eva continued to insult Miles and Miles ignored her. Miles convinced Oliver to claim praxis and challenge him. Oliver agreed and claim praxis himself. After some debate between the two, Miles withdrew his claim and Oliver was pronounced Prince. The populace quickly agreed that Miles should be the Harpy. Miles humbly accepted the position.
The Prince was quick to speak to Eva about breaking Elysium after they had all agreed. Eva understood and apologized to Miles and offered him a minor boon. Miles accepted and told her to forget about the incident.
Some Anarch vampires had been called to the meeting and arrived late. Prince Oliver welcomed them in the battle against the Sabbat and began planning their removal from Salt Lake City. Miles asked the Prince if he could build a nightclub on the spot of Elysium and call it the Star Palace in his honor. The Prince agreed and planning continued.

The next game will be June 10, 2017 at 6pm at the Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north Orem, UT. Join us.

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