Sunday, May 14, 2017

The End

Trent Sparrow, Jeffery Lewis, and a new Nosferatu, Bobby, showed up to the meeting warehouse. Jeffery went around Orem to see if he could find traces of the others. What he found was a mass sacrifice to the statue. About five hundred people willingly sacrificed themselves. Moments later, the statue collapsed into a pile of rubble.
Back at the warehouse, a seven foot tall monstrous biped walked into the building. It declared that it was Bishop McCleary and he knew that Trent had been looking for him. Trent stood up and began to speak, but the Bishop attacked, forcing Trent into a confrontation.

Toreador, the Combat Clan?

Trent and Bobby engaged the horrifying McCleary and held their own pretty well, but it was a losing battle. McCleary rushed outside to feed and had a back-up Gangrel Antitribu waiting to assist him. Trent was already badly wounded and they knew that another combatant would spell their doom. Luckily, a group of Anarchs arrived, including Freddy and an unknown Brujah. Freddy engaged the Gangrel Antitribu and the Brujah Anarch attacked the Bishop. Mia also arrived and started shooting McCleary with little effect.
Trent fell and the Bishop turned on the Anarch Brujah. Mia grabbed Trent and started to run, but McCleary broke away from the Brujah and attacked Trent's torpored body. Mia attempted to defend Trent against the brute, but was not a physical match for him. Trent was killed.
Rest In Peace Trent Sparrow
The Bishop was very physically damaged, so he fled the scene. His Gangrel Antitribu lacky was killed by Freddy and the Brujah Anarch.
Mia claimed praxis, just as Jeffery returned. Jeffery opposed Mia, but relented rather quickly when Mia asked him nicely to do so. Jeffery told them that the end was near and their time was short. Everyone brushed him off, because of his insanity and the fact that Camarilla vampires are forbidden to believe in Gehenna. Jeffery also reported on the statue situation and everyone knew that feeding would be much more difficult for quite some time.
Suddenly, the Bishop appeared behind the Brujah Anarch and attacked him. The Anarch fell and McCleary ripped off his head. McCleary then attacked Bobby and destroyed him as well. Freddy turned into a half-woman, half-wolf monster and attacked McCleary. Another loyal Camarilla Gangrel, Gaston, arrived and engaged the Bishop as well. Jeffery used his feeble mental attacked to engage the Bishop as well. McCleary hurt Freddy badly and then destroyed Gaston. He was about to tear apart Freddy as well, when Freddy grabbed a stake a drove it into the Bishop's chest. Bishop McCleary fell and Freddy quickly ripped his head off. Bishop McCleary was finally dead.
Mia ordered that the Bishop's ashes to be gathered up and delivered to Thorn.
As they began to carry out her orders, Jeffery was proved correct. Caine arrived and killed them all.
Thank you to everyone who played the end of this chronicle.

The new chronicle begins July 8, 2017.
The next game is May 27th at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. This game will be character creation for the next chronicle and historical roleplay with our new characters. It will take place in the year 1969.
Join us and find out what it's like to be a vampire.

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