Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Date with Cultists

Court was held at the Riverside Golfcouse clubhouse in Provo. The Prince declared that it was not Elysium. A few notable kindred of the Ivory Tower joined the city, Dr. Butcher of clan Nosferatu, Leon Schmidt of clan Ventrue, and Chantelle of clan Toreador. Passing through was a Vizier named Kasi. Prince Sterling had the pleasure of hosting Baron Riya of Salt Lake City and Amaia. There was also an unaligned kindred who joined the gathering, Mercedes, a young kindred of clan Ventrue.
The Prince called court to order and informed everyone of Masquerade breaches in Tucson and Colorado Springs. While those cities are not extremely close, the attention of hunters may have been turned to their corner of the world, so it is imperative that the Masquerade be strictly enforced at all times. Even the smallest slip up could prove disastrous. Everyone understood and agreed.

Prince Sterling whispering secrets to Seneschal Oliver.
Talk turned to the Anarch situation and the Baron suggested that she and Miles speak privately. The Baron took Amaia with her and Prince Sterling took Seneschal Oliver and Master Harpy William. The group excused themselves and went into a meeting room. Tensions were high, but no one lost control of their beasts.

The meeting was due to the following letter, delivered to Baron Riya on October 7, 2017:

"To Riya, Anarch Baron of Salt Lake City,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the attacks by Anarchs on kindred loyal to the Ivory Tower and my response.

Twice in the month of September, Anarchs attacked members of the court without provocation. Both of the Anarchs were vouched for by Anthony. It is important to state that while Anthony vouched for the Anarchs, he was the only Anarch to stand up against his own when they attacked the kindred of the Ivory Tower. He is a respected and valuable member of your city.

As you know, it is my job to keep my domain and all kindred who reside there safe from harm, so I must decree that the number of Anarchs that will be permitted in the domain of Utah County at any one time will be two. One Ambassador and one assistant. You, as the Baron of Salt Lake City are exempt from this restriction.

With time, I hope our domains can regain the trust that has been lost. Perhaps after a number of years, if the Anarchs can show that they are able to control themselves, we will expand this number. I hope that day arrives with haste.

Prince Miles Sterling"

The Baron accused Prince Sterling of deteriorating the relationship between the kindred of Salt Lake and Utah County. Prince Sterling countered that with the attacks on  his populace from two different Anarchs on two different occasions was causing the deterioration of the relationship between our two territories. The Prince told the Anarchs that having only two Anarchs in the city would be safer and that passing through on highway 15 was exempt from the restriction.
The Baron suggested that the kindred of Utah County would need to alert her of their coming into the city and the Prince agreed, after all that follows the Tradition of Hospitality. He requested that travel into and out of Salt Lake International Airport be exempt. The Baron reluctantly agreed. Prince Sterling did make a concession that if an Anarch contacted that Prince in advance of the meeting and permission was given, the two Anarch limit could be waived. This seemed to calm tensions and the meeting ended with everyone involved in agreement.
In the main room of the clubhouse, everyone was getting to know each other and talking about the cult problems in the county. Sammy and Mercedes were not getting along and Leon was agreeing with Sammy, that Mercedes was acting like a "Mewling Sow," or M-S. Leon dominated Mercedes to look into the cult's facebook group. She messaged several members, whom she thought were attractive.
When the Prince, Seneschal, and Harpy rejoined the group, they were informed about what Mercedes was doing. The Prince had to be informed about what facebook was and what it was used for. Sheriff Anastazie arrived and informed the Prince that she was investigating possible cult activity near Lehi. She was continuing to look into the situation and the Prince wishes her good luck. Miles placed Seneschal Oliver in charge and departed to handle other business.
In the meantime, Mercedes and one the cultists arranged a date that evening. Everyone was excited to track the cultist and arranged to have Joe accompany Mercedes and the cultist, David Hampton, would bring a friend.
They met at a nearby Starbucks, where Anastazie, Kasi, Anarch Rex, Oliver, Mercedes and Joe were waiting. Everyone lounged around and waited for Mercedes and Joe to leave with their dates and then followed them. They drove to The Peach, a popular nightclub that used to be Elysium, before violence violated it. Inside they danced and Mercedes was getting very close to David

Nightclubs are the best place to meet vapid people.

  They stepped outside to talk and a make-out session ensued, with the other kindred watching. With all of the people outside, Anastazie whispered to Mercedes to ask David about the cult. Mercedes reluctantly agreed and used her dominate to ask David about the cult. David admitted to being in a cult called the Illuminates of the New Dawn and is seeking to become and immortal. Before he could say anything else, Rex got him in a choke hold and strangled him unconscious. They threw him in the back of his jeep and drove away.
Meanwhile, Joe and Kasi were interrogating David's friend, Tommy. They were asking about the cult, while in the nightclub, and it was soon very obvious that Tommy knew nothing. They two women lead Tommy into a dark corner and knocked him unconscious.
They zip tied him Rex sat on him. The drove to a abandoned store near Geneva Steel and tied David to a chair. They had Mercedes interrogate him with dominate and he explained that he drank magic potions, which were given to him by a witch. While he was doing this, he kept trying to use a supernatural power, that they discovered later altered people's emotions. Rex grew angry at his continued attempts to alter their emotions and began choking David and lightly scratching his throat with his claws.
David panicked and it was difficult to get anymore information out of him that evening. Joe knocked out David and had Oliver take him into custody for interrogation at a later date.
With the sun rising soon, everyone retreated to their havens.

Due to Halloween, the next game will be November 11th, at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us.

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