Friday, November 24, 2017

On the Offensive

A meeting was called at the Orem Heritage Museum. After a short meeting with the Primogen, Prince Sterling declared it Elysium. The Prince then made sure all of the information that was gathered by the cult was handed over to the Sheriff for investigation.
The Sheriff began organizing a group to hunt down the cultists, but Sammy got tired of waiting and gathered to Tremere together. He requested that the be allowed to hunt down Eric Larson, a known member of the Illuminates of the New Dawn. The Prince agreed and they departed.
The Tremere allowed one of their own to leave the Chantry, his name is Hugo. He joined the hunt for Larson.
The Tremere went to the last known location of Larson, an open air mall called The Shops at Riverwoods. William began searching the traffic and mall security cameras. They located Eric just an hour ago leaving the mall and followed his path.
Big Brother is Watching You.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff gathered together a posse consisting of Joe, the Anarch Rex, and a visiting Giovanni. They set out to locate cultists and started near Geneva Steel. They located a spirit that claimed to have information, but wanted the man who murdered him killed before he would tell them anything. Rex volunteered to take care of that problem and set off.
The Tremere, meanwhile, were following Eric's tracks using Thaumaturgy. The tracks led into a funeral home and back out again. They chose to follow the tracks down the street and not into the funeral home. They got back into their vehicle and drove slowly, so William could follow the tracks. Hugo contacted his police contacts and had them put an APB out on the truck Eric was in.
Rex broke into the old people's house and caused a commotion while murdering them. To cover up the crime, he set the house of fire and fled down the street.
The Sheriff and her posse asked the spirit questions, but he actually knew very little. They continued to search the neighborhood around Geneva Steel and follow vague clues. Finally, they left and went to search around the The Shops at Riverwoods.
The Tremere caught up with Eric and another individual in a truck, they had gotten pulled over by the police and were being questioned. Hugo called off the police and they Tremere surprise attacked the two men. The one they did not know burst into green flames, when he was grappled by Oliver. Sammy, William, and Hugo attacked Eric and subdued him. Oliver killed the other man, whose body burned away into nothing. They then fled the scene and tied up Eric.
The Sheriff and her posse tracked Eric to the funeral home and went inside. They were confronted with a couple of guards, whom they killed. In the basement, they found a pentagram and depictions of demons, as well as another guard. This guard had flaming hands and put up a good fight, but was not match for the kindred.

The Tremere delivered Eric to the Prince. Prince Miles was so impressed, he awarded the Tremere status within his city. They then began interrogating him, but the sun was soon to rising, so the Prince took Eric into his custody and planned to interrogate him the following night.
Due to the sun rising, the Sheriff and her posse left the funeral home, after cleaning up the bodies, and returned to their havens.

The next game will be November 25th, at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us.

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