Monday, October 17, 2016

What is Mind's Eye Society and Why Choose Them?

What is Mind's Eye Society?

Mind’s Eye Society, also known as MES, is at its core a community of role-players who come together to play games and give back to their communities in the United States of America. Mind’s Eye Society is the name of the United States National Organization, a part of a global community of role-players who share a common setting and universe.
Mind's Eye Society operates under one common setting. When you create a character in our Domain, you are creating a thread in the global fabric. You can bring that character from your local game to any other Chapter, Domain, Regional, or National game in MES. By joining MES, you are joining a global community of role-players, able to play anywhere in this global community at any time.
Mind’s Eye Society starts at the local level, which is called a Domain. Domains are collections of cities and towns that work together to run games. They are led by Domain Storytellers and Domain Coordinators who are elected directly by the players in their Domains. The Domains come together to make up a Region, which is comprised of all of the Domains within a group of states. Each Region is led by a Regional Storyteller and a Regional Coordinator. Mind’s Eye Society is composed of eight Regions. These eight Regions collectively make up Mind’s Eye Society on a National scale. The regional officers elect a National Storyteller and a National Coordinator to lead them. The National Officers are supervised by the MES Board of Directors, who are elected directly by all of the players in the United States.
We are a diverse group, coming from all ages and backgrounds, finding common ground in our games and building friendships and relationships that often last for decades. There is no “MES type,” as we have members from all different walks of life and backgrounds. All are welcome and treasured as contributing members.

Why should our Game Part of Mind's Eye Society?
I have chosen to make our game a domain of the Mind's Eye Society, because it allows our players to go to other Mind's Eye Society games and take their characters with them. The closest games are in Las Vegas, NV and Boise, ID, but there are game in nearly every state.
There are other game network organizations, but Mind's Eye Society is the best represented on the west coast of the United States. It's also exciting to know that other players may come visit our game, while taking a break from skiing perhaps. Mind's Eye Society also has a charity network that rewards players for volunteering or donating to organizations such as local women and children’s shelters, animal rescues and disease research foundations.

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