Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Sabbat Strikes Back

With a large influx of new vampiric soldiers and the Prince away from the city, the beginning of the night was a bit chaotic. Seneschal Jinx was quick to call everyone to order and remind everyone of the continuing problems with the Sabbat and the "blood hunt" on Eirik Alexson of Philadelphia. The Black Rose is a nightclub in Provo and is known as a Sabbat meeting place, due to the interrogation of Ty. Jinx orders everyone to go to the club, find any vampires within and destroy them. One if the new Brujah to the city introduces himself to Jinx and lets he know that someone is trying to kill her. He volunteers to guard her and she accepts.
Quick, find the vampires.

Just as everyone is leaving, Belfry informs Jinx and Jeffery Lewis that the club will burn. Jinx and Jeffery enter the club and have look around to locate the vampires. Using the gifts of Auspex and Obfuscate, they locate two vampires within. Sheriff Heavenstade enters and tells one of the vampires to come with him. The vampires reveal their vampiric nature and threaten to kill the Sheriff. A fight breaks out and the two Masquerade breaking licks are quickly dispatched. Suddenly, a bomb explodes and seriously wounds several loyal Camarilla kindred, including the Seneschal. Everyone flees the burning and collapsing building, but the Brujah, whom Jinx thought was her protector, suddenly grabs her and punches her. Terrified and nearly unconscious, Jinx manages to Vanish From Mind's Eye. Then a Nosferatu appears out of Obfuscate and attacks the Brujah, causing him to flee. The Nosferatu gives chase.
Jinx is rescued from the burning wreckage by Morgan and Thorn. They return to the Elysium and search it for bombs, but find nothing. There is an argument about how the Sabbat knew they were coming and a few whispers and open accusations of a spy among them. Jinx calms everyone down, informing them that the interrogation of a Sabbat member was sloppy and that is most likely how they found out about the plan to attack the black rose.
Belfry and Sir Teacup
 Just as everyone calms down, a Nosferatu enters Elysium with the Brujah over his shoulder, staked. They question the Nosferatu and accuse him of being Sabbat. He tells them he is, in fact, an Anarch. They tie the Brujah to a chain with heavy chains and unstake him. At first the Brujah claims that he is innocent, but Belfry tells Jinx that the Brujah is lying. Sherriff Heavenstade begin the interrogation. Through the interrogation they discover that the Brujah is a mercenary and was hired to kill Jinx by Bishop McCleary. They also disover that Bishop McCleary is a Tzimisce and resides in The Catholic Cathedral in Provo.
Storyteller Note: I have no problem with Catholics.
Jinx offers to hire the Brujah to work for the Camarilla and the Brujah agrees. With everyone still recovering from the bomb, Jinx decides to wait in attacking the Cathedral. She names Gunther and Keeper of Elysium and the populace decides Trent Sparrow should be the Harpy.
Gunther: Keeper of Elysium
Trent Sparrow, Harpy?
Trent declines the position and fast talks a Ventrue into asking the populace for the privilege of being Harpy. The populace thinks maybe Belfry would be better, or not allow Trent to decline. The Ventrue makes another argument and Belfry makes it clear she does not want the position. The populace agrees to give the Ventrue a chance.
Trent decides to lift everyone's spirits by reciting some poetry and assists Gunther in doing the same. Belfry adds some as well, making sure Trent knew that Sir Teacup was displeased with him.
Jinx ends the evening by ordering the populace to give a vigilant eye on their territory and stop any Sabbat incursion.With the sun shortly rising, everyone retreats to their havens.

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  1. It was Thorn (Brujah Primogen) who pulled Jinx out of the burning nightclub!

  2. It was I beautiful Gunther that saved the day. That's how I saw it at least. All hail the GUNT!