Sunday, March 5, 2017

Riots in Orem and Dancing in Carcosa

The night began with Evie, using her city hall contacts, buying the crying statue of Alice and organizing a crew to move it from the park to the museum. A group of protesters gathered and chained themselves to the statue. Thorn, using his police contacts, sent out a police riot squad to disperse them.
When the police arrived, a large group of them immediately quit and started protesting themselves. Shots were fired and things quickly got out of a hand. The protesters started rioting.
As Thorn was attempting to get it under control, back at Elysium, who should walk in, but former Prince, Tyler O'Leary. After hearing about his removal from praxis, Tyler explained that he had been investigating where the Sabbat had been getting supplies and support from. He told them from Sacramento, CA and Mexico City itself. Prince Iment declared that the museum was no longer the Elysium. The Prince then had Tyler join him in a private meeting.
Prince Iment Lawth

Gunther heard gun shots outside of the museum and went to investigate with Dirk. Outside was a man being attacked by two other men. Not wanting to draw further attention to the former Elysium, they went to help. Unfortunately, they were unable to save the man, but he was carrying a cardboard tube. Investigating further, they found it contained an old piece of parchment with strange symbols and drawings on it.
This was the page.
Also inside was information about summoning a spirit of truth and a warning that it was foolish to do so, unless you knew what you were doing.
Jinx arrived with a handsome twenty one year old man in tow. She took him and Prince Iment into Carcosa for the Masquerade Ball at The Amber Queen's Palace. They stopped momentarily and spoke with Charles, who wished them well. Their first view of Carcosa was one of curiosity. Overall, the city was dark, with gas lit lamps, and cobblestone streets. Towers stretched overhead and in the night sky were deeper pools of darkness that seemed to bend light around them. The Palace was impossible to miss and it's opulence was unlike anything the characters had ever seen. Tall towers and gold domes rose overheard the large brass doors, inscribed with The Amber Queen's symbol.
There was a single guard, who showed them inside and had them announced to the party. The ballroom was decorated in baroque style, with gold and shades of yellow everywhere. There were men and women gently dancing to the orchestra music. Many were dressed in yellows, others wore red hats, and a large group wore clothing common to the modern day. At the far end of the room was obviously The Amber Queen herself. Seven feet tall and strikingly beautiful, The Amber Queen was imposing. She had long blonde hair, a yellow Victorian era dress, and an amber crown. Her fingers were a foot long, with an extra joint, and claws on the end.
Jinx introduced herself and Iment. The Amber Queen seemed delighted and was very pleased with the gift Jinx gave her. The Amber Queen allowed Jinx to feed from the man, before The Amber Queen pierced his heart with her clawed finger and killed him. As his body fell to the ground, The Amber Queen inhaled and seemed to gain strength. She presented Jinx with a gift, which Jinx was grateful for.
Jinx and Iment excused themselves, allowing other petitioners to speak with the queen. They mingled a bit, discovering that some of the creatures there were called Sluagh. They met a seemingly high ranked one named Lord Bartholomew, who explained that there were others of his kind who live in the mortal world, which those who serve The Amber Queen cannot do. He further explained that many of them inspire musicians and artists, which seemed to disgust Lord Bartholomew. He told them that they would be greatly rewarded if they brought some as prisoners to her Majesty. Jinx and Iment told him they would see what they could do, then departed to the dance floor, where they waltzed for awhile.
Jinx, dressed for dancing.
In the mortal world, Gunther and Tyler made a plan to use some of Gunther's gang allies to disrupt the Sabbat's support. As Gunther left the museum, he was attacked by a group of four men and two snipers, who knocked him into torpor; after Gunther dropped three of them without breaching the masquerade. Luckily, Gunther's retainer was saw what happened through the museum's security cameras and told the populace. Evie, Thorn, Dirk, and a just returning Iment rushed to save him. One of the men was hauling Gunther into the back of a SUV, when Iment and Evie opened fire. Thorn physically held the SUV and prevented it from leaving. Dirk killed one of the snipers by pile-driving him into the top of a nearby van.
One of the man healed like a kindred. He was captured and rushed inside.
Unfortunately, upon rushing him inside, they neglected to make sure the others were dead. After depositing the captured hunter, Thorn returned outside to find the men and SUV gone. He used his police influence to cover it up.
During the interrogation of the man, the populous discovers that the man, Brandon, was a ghoul who had destroyed his mistress two years ago, after she became negligent in her feedings, and has been hunting vampires ever since. Gunther was fed a point of blood by Dirk during this time, which allowed him to awaken. Evie was intrigued by Brandon and decided to ghoul him herself. He promised to one day destroy her. She assured him that he would still be able to kill vampires, just at her direction. Brandon, unsurprisingly, was not excited by the proposition.
As dawn approached, Prince Iment called the populous together. He announced that he was relinquishing his praxis claim. Everyone was shocked, but there was little anyone could do for the moment. With the sun shortly rising, everyone retreated to their havens.

The next game is March 18th at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us and find out what it's like to be a vampire.

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