Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Return of the Camarilla

Orem is in chaos. The statue of Alice has been drawing more and more sacrifices, escalating from animals to humans. Crowds constantly gather around it to worship and prevent the city from moving it. Whenever the city tries, riots erupt. The Sabbat have been pouring into the city, trying to re-establish dominance. In addition, high profile mortals have been going missing, drawn into Carcosa and likely fed to the Amber Queen.
When the Kindred gathered this evening, the first question was whom would claim praxis? Former Prince Tyler O'Leary claimed praxis and began assigning tasks. Thorn arrived and claimed praxis himself. Gunther stepped beside Thorn, to show support for his clan mate, and Jeffery Lewis stepped beside his clan mate, to do the same. There was a bit of tension, with Thorn threatening to kill O'Leary and O'Leary promising Thorn position and status.
O'Leary convinced Thorn and Thorn rescinded his claim. Thorn threatened that if O'Leary went absent again, without informing him, he would seize praxis and O'Leary would never be Prince of Orem again. Prince O'Leary agreed.
The return of Prince O'Leary, who cannot be photographed.

With all the discord in the city, Prince O'Leary was quick to try to establish order. He had the mirror portal to Carcosa taken off the wall and commissioned a specialized steel box to contain it. He went against the advice to smash it, fearing that would cause greater problems. Iment paid for the box and had his people start building it. He paid a tidy sum to make sure it would be completed before the end of the night.
Next, he turned is attention to the Sabbat problem. He sent out Jeffery and Gunther to find and disable, or destroy, some of the Sabbat troublemakers. Michael the Anarch and Dirk asked if they could go as well and the Prince agreed. It did not take them long to find a group of five rowdy Sabbat, who were breaking the masquerade and tormenting some mortals. They quickly took care of them, destroying two, knocking two into torpor, and allowing one to flee, so that he may inform the Sabbat of what happened.
After the two surviving Sabbat were taken back to the Camarilla stronghold, they were quickly interrogated. The Prince learned that with the chaos, the Sabbat thought the Camarilla vampires had fled, it was also obvious that this pack was newly arrived in Provo. The Prince destroyed one of the Sabbat vampires himself and the other was damaged back into torpor, staked, and locked away. Then the Prince announced his plan for the night: They were going to attack the home of Bishop McCleary, the Catholic Cathedral in Provo. He ordered everyone to take part. Everyone agreed and Iment said he had a friend that would assist them.

Bishop McCleary's home.

They struck hard, throwing a bomb into the cathedral, which blew out all the windows and started a fire. The cathedral itself is stone, so the fire spread inside, but the wall's structural integrity was not greatly compromised. With the roof burning, Gunther bravely, or fool-hardily, rushed inside to look for Sabbat to kill, but he found none. Jinx went inside and quickly discovered a well-concealed trap door in the floor. She cloaked everyone and Gunther jumped down first.
Gunther fell into a room and was surrounded by vampires. Luckily for him, he was cloaked and the Sabbat did not see him fall, the fire above covered the sound. Gunther wasted no time in attacking the Sabbat. Thorn, Jinx, and Evie's ghoul, Brandon, followed suit. Suddenly, a half-man, half-wolf  creature jumped through the trap door and started helping the Camarilla kindred attack the Sabbat. They Sabbat tried to fight back, but the battle's momentum was never in their favor. They were all knocked into torpor. Jinx and Brandon destroyed them.
Off of the room was a hallway and they group funneled down it. Jinx noticed some of the masonry was not part of the original wall, but she did not stop to investigate further. The hallway lead to the basement of the adjoining building. In the basement were several coffins, various personal items, and a set of stairs into the building above. Gunther and Thorn went up the stairs first. Opening the door, they found a horrific, hugely muscled, creature.
Kinda like this, but not animated.

The Prince and Iment went through the building's front door and ran into a gray skinned creature covered in spikes. They opened fire, but their bullets seemed to have little effect. Iment attempted to dominate it, but that too had no effect. Prince O'Leary used Dementation and made the creature feel extremely depressed. The creature was no longer interested in fighting and retreated to a dark corner.
Gunther and Thorn traded blows with the large monster and bested and knocked it unconscious. The creature was terrifying, but no match for elder Potence. Brandon killed the pathetic creatures with a liberal application of dragons breath shotgun rounds.
Thorn's group and the Prince's group met up and decided that the Bishop must have fled. Disappointed, but not disheartened, the Camarilla vampires gathered the coffins and personal items from the basement, threw them into the back of a moving truck and departed. With the sun shortly rising, everyone retreated to their havens.

The next game is April 1, 2017 at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us and find out what it is like to be a vampire.

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