Monday, April 3, 2017

On the Offensive

The weeks passed more quiet than usual. The mirror was sealed and buried, the Sabbat quiet. The statue continued to cause problems, but it had not gotten any worse. The Prince called the Orem Kindred together for a meeting in their new headquarters, an abandoned chocolate factory. He thanked those who patrolled to keep the Sabbat out of Orem. He also acknowledged C7, a newly arrived Nosferatu into the city.
Mike, the Anarch, informed the Prince that his gang contacts had informed him about a gang in Provo, the 1740 Crew, were getting weapons beyond what street gangs normally have, such as machine guns and combat shotguns. Mike suggested that the gang may be getting its weapons from the Sabbat. The Prince agreed and a strike team was formed made up of Thorn, Mike, and C7 to investigate.
The Prince, Evie, and Jeffery went along, but positioned themselves about four blocks away. The strike team easily discovered the gang's hideout and snuck inside using Obfuscate. The strike team observed fifteen gang members, most of whom were packing pistols, machine guns, or shot guns. The music was loud and the smell of smoke heavy in the air. The strike team did not see an evidence of kindred involvement, so decided to let the authorities handle the situation. Thorn snuck back out side and contacted his police contacts.
"Two guns? Better let the cops handle this."

Meanwhile, Prince O'Leary, Harpy Evie, and Jeffery Lewis were positioned on the second floor of a parking garage, waiting for word from the strike team. Prince O'Leary noticed someone near him, hiding with supernatural means. Prince O'Leary actively searched the area with his supernatural senses and saw two men close by, seemingly searching for them. Prince O'Leary telepathically told Evie and Jeffery what he saw and pulled his gun. Jeffery did the same and Evie's ghoul lined up for a shot as well. All the fired at once, but the men seemed to have sensed, or seen them and attempted to get out of the way. Prince O'Leary and Brandon's shots struck their targets.
The vampires moved quickly and attacked the Prince, beating him brutally with their fists. The Prince sent out a telepathic cry for help to Thorn, who ran as fast as he could to his liege. The Prince grabbed Jeffery and Evie and jumped off of the second floor parking garage to the ground below, just as a van door slid open and three more vampires got out of it. Two of the vampires had axes and leaped down to attack the Prince and Brandon. Jeffery opened up with his pistol, but the vampires were quick and lithe, none of his shots hit. The Prince, Evie, and Brandon continued fighting as well, but where getting overwhelmed. Suddenly, black shadowy tentacles reached out and grabbed Evie. Thorn arrived in a blur and punched one of the thugs, who was attacking the Prince, and sent him soaring across the street. The thugs cried out in dismay, "Oh no, he's here!"
It'd be easier to locate vampire thugs if they wore sweatshirts like this.
 Moving as a blur, and with vampiric enhanced strength, Thorn made short work of the thugs who were attacking the prince. One, who had stayed above, disappeared into a cloud of shadow. Prince O'Leary immediately forgave his Seneschal for breaking the Masquerade, because the Prince was sure he'd be dead if Thorn had not. The Prince ordered all, but one of the thugs killed. They took their prisoner back to their headquarters in the abandoned chocolate factory for interrogation.
During the interrogation, it was discovered that the thug was a Nosferatu. The Prince allowed Mike the Anarch and C7 to interrogate him privately at their request. When they emerged, the thug was willing to show them where Bishop McCleary was hiding, if they promised not to kill him. During this time, a new Anarch and Elder Toreador arrived. The Anarch promised to help battle the Sabbat and the Elder Toreador promised to serve the Prince, as every good Camarilla member should. Prince O'Leary welcomed them, but then put Seneschal Thorn in charge. The Prince had pressing business elsewhere and departed for the evening.
Thorn took everyone to the location that the captured thug had indicated and indeed there where vampires there. The Camarilla vampires made short work of them and were disappointed that Bishop McCleary was not among them. In addition, the thug Nosferatu had escaped in the confusion. With their new prisoners in tow, the Camarilla vampires returned to the factory to interrogate them. Unfortunately, they learned little, as the pack was recently arrived in Provo. They did learn that they received their orders from another and met at the Utah State Hospital in Provo. Thorn ordered them all staked and stored them in a shipping container on the premises. With the sun shortly rising, everyone retreated to their havens.
The next game is April 15, 2017 at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us and find out what it is like to be a vampire.

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