Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Statue Situation

The Prince had business elsewhere, so Seneschal Thorn was in charge. A discussion was called together to talk about the statue situation, which had nearly the whole city enthralled. The discussion turned to destroying the statue, but it didn't seem possible in the current situation. The statue seemed impervious to some physical damage and the bomb the Seneschal planted disappeared before it disappeared. Evie informed everyone that she discovered through research the statue can only be destroyed after the statues guardian is discovered and defeated, the spirit inside of it is banished, and finally humanity is sacrificed. The cities Cainites were unsure how to proceed, because they had no idea who the guardian was.
Jeffery Lewis suggested using the scroll to summon a spirit of truth and asking him. Everyone thought it was a terrible idea, except Jinx. Jinx argued to use the scroll, but Seneschal Thorn reminded everyone that the Prince had forbidden it. Everyone understood. Jinx took the scroll and departed, after proclaiming that she was not going to use it. Jeffery Lewis and Gunther decided to go on patrol. Trent and Mia tailed Jeffery and Gunther. Trent knew Jeffery had feelings for Jinx and would not let her summon a spirit without him being nearby, if something went wrong.

What could go wrong with this?

Anarchs Michael and Freddy lead Jinx to Salt Lake City, which the Anarchs control. Then, they went to Rose Park, which is Sabbat control. They figured if something horrible happened, it would happen in a Sabbat controlled area, which is okay.

While Jinx performed the ritual, Michael and Freddy dealt with a couple of Sabbat vampires, who attacked them for being in their territory. Trent called Thorn, who arrived with Evie. Gunther had to deal with an annoying drunk bum, who was begging for money and Jeffery watched Jinx closely.
The spirit appeared and looked just like it did on paper, except is was ten feet long. It had a red hot edged dagger and a golden jeweled chalice with it. The spirit handed Jinx the dagger and the chalice. Jinx cut her arm and spilled her blood into the chalice. She began asking questions and the spirit answered yes or no questions seemingly honestly. When Jinx grew too weak to continue, as each question required a cut from the dagger and blood spilled into the chalice, Mia took over, then Jeffery, and finally Gunther. They discovered that the guardian was not a person, plant, or animal. It can be seen with the naked eye, no use of supernatural powers are needed. Various other things were learned as well that had to do with the statue.
The Cainties returned to Orem and plans were made to visit the park. However, with the sun shortly rising, everyone retreated to their havens.

The next game is April 29, 2017 at the Orem, UT Dragon's Keep, 48 west 300 north, at 6pm. Join us and find out what it is like to be a vampire.

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